i hate rod because he vagueblogged/namedropped me for not following him and constantly did it and i even messaged/replied with an “urm” to these posts showing discomfort and i didnt know rod before this and i had to follow him to stop. i even made a post on my blog saying “can you please not pressure me into following you” and he kept those posts up.

ew i hate em user kooh or w/e he is called r/n he was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gross he kept stalking J cos he “loved” J and posted sexual things he wanted tod o with him even though J and others had said “stop that” so many times

also J was 15 at the time and kooh was 17. the age of sexual consent in england is 16

its creepy af even if it aint pedophilia TBH

oh also he posted my personal private convos into the fucking main chat of a skype convo with 50+ people in it and he wonders why i hate him so much

he did other shit to me ive forgotten as a mechanism to stop my anxiety disorder but it might unearth itself.

what part of leave me the fuck alone do people not understand. ya had ur chances with me and u all fucked it up. stop making ur stupid ass posts about me because i dislike you all and i deleted aphnorge for my own safety